Zero Waste

What Even Is “Zero Waste?”

Very briefly, the zero waste movement is about minimizing the amount of waste that goes to the landfill by avoiding plastic/unnecessary packaging, single use & disposable items, recycling less (yes, less!) and living with intention and in a circular mindset.

Beyond trash, it’s also about putting value back into our belongings by supporting local and ethical businesses that utilize sustainable resources to create durable products. It’s about saying “no” to consumerism and materialism by avoiding the large companies that profit on the exploitation of human beings and the environment. It’s about recognizing and taking responsibility for our impact and working to make our time on earth a little less detrimental to the planet we inhabit.

Zero Waste Resources

Be Zero – a Colorado-based nonprofit that aims to educate and encourage everyone to make less trash. Visit the blog to pick up some creative tips on how to reduce waste and live a more simplified life!

Going Zero Waste – my personal favorite ZW blog! Kathryn has great posts on every part of a ZW lifestyle you can think of, from DIY household and personal care products to recipes to sustainable replacements for common disposable items.

Wasteland Rebel – Shia has made the zero waste lifestyle work in many different places around the world! She recently moved from Germany to Canada and has great insights on minimalist, low waste living.

Zero Waste Chef – Anne Marie approaches eliminating waste through the kitchen, but she’ll also help you out on the more obscure ZW topics you didn’t know you needed to know. Case in point: Zero Waste Breakups. Who would have thought? Yet, such a good idea!