How To Go Vegan

Switching from an omnivorous diet to a vegan one is a drastic change. Most people don’t do it all at once, so don’t feel like you have to go from 0 to 100 with your own transition! If you’re really interested in veganism, beyond a diet it’s also a lifestyle, and overhauling routines and habits takes time.

Every vegan who used to eat animal products once thought, “I could never go vegan.” But with the right information and inspiration, we did it and you can too! On this page I’ve assembled some resources you can use to educate yourself and try out some vegan eats!

Why Vegan?

PETA’s facts on animals raised for food – a comprehensive guide that covers each category of animal agriculture, from dairy to fishing to honey, and even covers that pesky ‘protein issue’.

Facts on animals used for experimentation – notice how i use the word ‘lifestyle’ versus ‘diet’ when discussing veganism. Unfortunately, the exploitation of animals goes far beyond just eating them. Take a look at this guide to read about testing on animals in cosmetic and medical laboratories.

Also, the invaluable Cruelty Free Company Search Tool

One Green Planet – a great website that covers all the bases of a vegan AND sustainable lifestyle! Look through recipes, stay up to date on petitions and stories regarding animal rights, and gather information and tips for every aspect of conscious, cruelty free living.

My Favorite Plant Based Food Bloggers:

Sweet Simple Vegan – Jasmine is a certified nutritionist who creates tasty, easy recipes that are oil free and mostly refined sugar and gluten free. (She also has a great page on how to go vegan)

Minimalist Baker – the holy grail of plant based eating! Dana’s claim to fame is her collection of (DELICIOUS) recipes that require one bowl, 10 ingredients or less, or 30 minutes or less.

Hummusapien – Alexis is a dietician and life coach who creates some really, really good recipes. I found her through her recipe for chocolate zucchini brownies and fell in love.

My Favorite Vegan Lifestyle Bloggers

Raw Alignment – Alyse is a youtuber who shares all things veganism and minimalism with a focus on self care/empowerment and fitness.


mashed avo chickpea toast