More About Madeline

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In a few words…

Animal lover, plant enthusiast, cook, environmentalist, aspiring minimalist, musician, crafter, dreamer.

I love working with my hands. Whether I’m using them to chop vegetables for a hearty soup, to dig in the garden, to tackle a DIY project, to begin the flow of music from a piano, guitar or saxophone; or to create a piece of jewelry or to knit a hat. There’s something very special to me about witnessing the process of turning basic materials into something practical and (hopefully) beautiful with my own two hands.

Some of my favorite things include the way late afternoon sunlight makes the world glitter, a good rainy day (when the world looks so lush and green!), the sound of lake or ocean waves lapping against a shoreline, the warmth of a fuzzy creature curled up beside me and the way a delicious soup or baked good makes the whole house smell like the comforting dish being cooked up.

Feel free to read my introduction post to learn more. Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me. Say hello if you’d like; I’d love to get to know you too!